Laser treatment of hemorrhoids

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Laser treatment of hemorrhoids

Laser anal surgery

You may have heard about many treatments that can be used to treat hemorrhoids, including laser surgery. What is this surgery and does it have side effects?

Hemorrhoids are among the painful health problems that many complain about, especially when they are treated surgically. However, with scientific development, it has become possible to treat them by using laser beams to be less painful and safer.

Hemorrhoids are defined as swelling of the veins that occur in the lower part of the anus or rectum, and the possibility of hemorrhoids increases with age and in pregnant women, and in cases of severe constipation.

There are many treatments used to treat hemorrhoids, including natural prescriptions, surgical medical treatments, or by using laser beams, which we will talk about in this article.

Hemorrhoid disease is a swelling and congestion of the internal veins of the anus due to the increased pressure on them, which causes the so-called hemorrhoid disease.

Hemorrhoid disease is a swelling and congestion of the internal veins of the anus due to the increased pressure on them, which causes the so-called hemorrhoid disease.

And it is possible to multiply with us and lead to bleeding due to the enormous pressure that these veins are exposed to. These veins are located specifically under the mucous membrane in the anal area.


Therefore, hemorrhoid disease is a very disturbing disease for patients who suffer from hemorrhoids, whether internal or external hemorrhoids, as the degree of pain reaches a feeling like cutting nerves. Unfortunately, hemorrhoid disease has spread very widely, whether for men or women.
Causes of hemorrhoids:

  • Sitting for a long time on the toilet

  • Constant stress during defecation

  • pregnancy

  • chronic diarrhoea

  • chronic constipation

  • Weight gain

  • Aging, because the tissues supporting the veins of the rectum and anus weaken and contract

Symptoms of hemorrhoids:

  • Feeling pain in the anal area and not feeling comfortable

  • Presence of some secretions from the anal area

  • Hemorrhoids cause some kind of itching or irritation in the anal area

  • Internal hemorrhoids exit from the anus

  • It may also lead to bleeding

  • Bloating around the anal area

  • Uneasiness after defecation

Types of hemorrhoids:


Internal hemorrhoids: They are located in the rectal area from the inside, and we cannot see them except when they exit, and it is possible for them to bleed inside the anus, and this is very likely, and it is possible for the patient to feel that the hemorrhoids come out and enter again.

First degree: In this case, hemorrhoids bleed

The second degree: Hemorrhoids enter and exit again, and it is possible that with their exit bleeding occurs

The third degree: hemorrhoids come out and bleed, but they do not go back inside again, so they must be returned manually

Fourth degree: Hemorrhoids come out and unfortunately they cannot be returned automatically or manually

External hemorrhoids: the type of external hemorrhoids in which a blood-engorged swelling occurs, and the blood may be in a state of clotting under the skin (about the size of an olive) around the anal area.

Laser treatment of hemorrhoids:

Laser is one of the latest technologies used in anal surgery, which is characterized by its effectiveness and ideal results. A diode laser device is used to treat anal hemorrhoids, where the doctor inserts a very thin catheter into the hemorrhoids.

The diode laser device includes two types:

360-degree laser catheterization, which is used in the treatment of anal fistula

Pointed laser catheter, which is also used in cases of hemorrhoids

When does a person resort to laser hemorrhoid treatment?

The laser treatment of hemorrhoids is suitable for all cases of different types and degrees, for different ages and for both sexes.

But at the same time, you should not rush to perform this process before knowing the natural methods of treating hemorrhoids.

In general, it is preferable to resort to the laser method if you suffer from severe hemorrhoids on an ongoing basis.

Steps to perform laser hemorrhoid surgery?

The steps for laser hemorrhoidectomy are simple, and include:

  • The patient is lying on his back, his breathing is regular, and then he is given local anesthesia. The patient does not feel any pain when hemorrhoids are removed.

  • The doctor separates the hemorrhoid with a bridge in the skin of the anus, and in this way the hemorrhoid is evaporated with a laser from the inside.

  •  In the case of excision of external hemorrhoids, the doctor uses the cutting beam, and this makes the matter much easier for the doctor, and this accuracy is not found in external resection.

Post-operative instructions needed

The patient must take into account the following post-operative procedures:

  • After the laser operation, the patient does not feel any complications such as nausea and vomiting because the anesthesia is local, but he may only need painkillers.

  • The patient should take a warm water bath and sit in it until he feels comfortable.

  •  It is preferable to put a little Epsom salt in a warm water bath in order to help the wound heal and cleanse as soon as possible, and to eliminate any kind of germs.

  • The process of excretion must be somewhat painful, so it is preferable that the patient clean the area well after excretion to avoid contamination of the wound.

  •  The disease returns to normal 3 to 5 days after the operation without any pain or other problems.

  • Do not carry heavy things after the operation.

  • Do not wear tight clothes.

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