Chemical Encapsulation Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Chemical Encapsulation Sleeve Gastrectomy

Obesity surgeries

Obesity is a disease of the age, and for this reason many doctors seek to find the best methods and solutions to help obesity patients get rid of it and its many complications of chronic diseases and the difficulty of moving and enjoying the simplest activities of life. Indeed, a solution has been found that is so far the best and most effective solution, which is obesity operations with its various techniques.  There were many types of obesity surgeries between gastric sleeve and gastric bypass in its various types, classic and mini, bilateral division operations, etc. Then many improvements appeared on each of them in order to reach the best results, the highest level of safety and the lowest incidence of any of the complications. Therefore, many other names appeared for the sleeve gastrectomy process, such as the modified sleeve gastrectomy, the envelope sleeve, the accurate sleeve gastrectomy, and others, and each of them aimed to add a certain feature to the sleeve gastrectomy process, and they succeeded in this, and the development and modernization is still continuing. So what is the Chemical Encapsulation Sleeve Gastrectomy?

  • The sleeve gastrectomy surgery is carried out with chemical wrapping with the same steps as the usual sleeve gastrectomy operations of cutting the stomach by approximately 80% of the original size of the stomach so that no more than 20% of the original size of the stomach remains using accurate medical endoscopes.
  • Then we reach the stage of stapling the wall of the stomach using the latest American staplers, where the appropriate sizes of staples are automatically selected according to the thickness of the tissue in each area to ensure the stability of the top of the staples and that they are not loosened or moved.
  •  3 lines of pins are made for added security and to reduce any possibilities of leakage.
  • Hence, the importance of sleeve gastrectomy with chemical encapsulation emerged, which is overcoming the most important problems or complications of gastric sleeve surgery, which is the problem of leakage. Although the use of American-made and automatic staplers worked, it succeeded in reaching the lowest percentage of leakage possibilities, but Dr. Ahmed Safina, a consultant in bariatric and endoscopic surgeries, He is always searching to reach the highest level of safety rates, in order to ensure the safety of his patients, and for this he added a new step to sleeve gastrectomy surgery , which is the chemical coating by adding cyanoacrylate to reinforce the line of pins on the stomach wall

What is cyanoacrylate?

* Cyanoacrylate: It is a substance that has the nature of glues, so it is able to coat the staple line with a transparent layer that is identical and does not interact with the stomach tissues, but works to support and strengthen the staple line.

* Cyanoacrylate is characterized by its rapid transition from the liquid state to the solid state, which means that it dries within a few seconds, so it helps work to stop bleeding immediately and does not add additional time to the operation time. It is a fast, supportive step that has many advantages, as we will see later.

*Also, as happens in encapsulated sleeve gastrectomy operations, where the gastric tissue is used to wrap the staples line, we can use cyanoacrylate to fix the gastric tissue without stitches or stitches and in a much faster time, so we have obtained two types of packaging in one step, packaging with gastric tissue and chemical packaging This is useful in reducing the complications of stomach problems and stabilizing the stomach against twisting, which in turn causes complications of continuous vomiting.

* Cyanoacrylate has been proven to be effective through medical research, and it has also already been tested in many, many practical studies on large groups of patients of different weights, ages, and genders. Through the results of these studies, it has proven its effectiveness in controlling stopping bleeding and reducing the possibilities of leakage.

Advantages of sleeve gastrectomy with chemical encapsulation:

  • Reducing the time taken for gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Actual and rapid stopping of bleeding inside the operating room.
  • The presence of an insulating layer that protects and supports the staple line against any pressure inside the stomach.
  •  Reinforcing and stabilizing the staple line.
  • Minimize the chances of leakage by covering the staple line with a layer of cyanoacrylate.
  • Reducing stomach complications and problems by fixing the stomach napkin.
  •  Reducing the possibility of stomach twisting and the complications that follow, such as reflux of the esophagus and continuous vomiting.
  • Access to gastric sleeve surgery with the highest level of safety against complications of leakage and bleeding.
  • Reaching the results of gastric sleeve operations by getting rid of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for feeling hungry, so the desire to eat more food decreases.
  • Getting rid of more than two-thirds of the volume of the expanded stomach and achieving a small stomach size that helps you eat smaller meals.
  • Gradually getting rid of excess weight and reaching the ideal weight within about a year, depending on the rate of burning in your body and your basic weight.
  • Getting rid of multiple obesity problems and diseases such as controlling diabetes, high pressure and blood cholesterol.
  • Getting rid of bone pain and arthritis as a result of excessive weight pressure, and enjoying ease of movement, whether by walking or using the ladder.
  •  Getting rid of sleep apnea problems and breathing problems in general.
  •  Improving health and relieving heart and liver diseases.

Who is the suitable patient for sleeve gastrectomy with chemical encapsulation?

The chemical encapsulation surgery is not much different from other sleeve gastrectomy surgeries. On the contrary, it has achieved a higher level of safety and succeeded in reducing complications. Therefore, it is suitable for everyone, as the devices and materials used have proven their effectiveness without any harm to any patient, but as Dr. Ahmed Safina, consultant always reminds us. Bariatric and laparoscopic surgeries. Choosing the appropriate surgery is a joint decision between you and your doctor. Please listen to your doctor, as he will choose the best for you according to your health condition, weight, and the results you want to reach.

Important tips after gastric bypass surgery:

* Exactly following the instructions is one of the most important factors for the success of the operation, whether with regard to:

  • Adhere to the diet and gradually follow it according to what is followed to avoid pressure on the stomach and to accept different types of food without any problems or complications, so Dr. Ahmed Safina provides you with his medical team, nutritionist and periodic follow-up visits until you find someone to help and encourage you through every step of the process. Steps on your way to reaching your ideal weight.
  • Also, you should not combine eating and drinking at the same time, but it is better to leave a time distance between them at least 30 minutes to prevent the stomach from expanding again.
  • Take care to drink fluids, the most important of which is water, regularly and eat sufficient quantities to maintain the health of your hair and the freshness of your skin, and to accelerate the burning rates in the body and to avoid the appearance of sagging.
  • Paying attention to regular exercise, also to constantly tighten the body, control burn rates, improve the general health condition, maintain the results you have achieved, and maintain your ideal weight.
  • Try to change your thoughts towards food as one of the causes of happiness and always remember that it was the cause of many diseases, this will help you make healthy choices for your food and enjoy a new healthy lifestyle.
  • Focus on eating proteins and avoiding high-calorie foods such as sugars and starches, as well as avoiding soft drinks.
  •  Avoid feeling frustrated with the stages of weight stability, as they are natural stages through which the body reorganizes itself to return to completing the weight loss.
  • Always encourage yourself with what you have reached by comparing your new photos with the old ones or by constantly changing your sizes towards smaller sizes.

Always remember that by deciding to undergo bariatric surgery, you have taken the right decision and that you are on the right path. Do not look back and continue on your way until you reach your goal in the beginning of a new life without obesity or diseases.

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