Stapling hemorrhoids removal

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Stapling hemorrhoids removal

Hemorrhoid surgeries

It is an effective surgery for patients with hemorrhoids of the third and fourth degree in which the hemorrhoids prolapse abnormally and can be easily noticed during examination.

How is the stapling surgery done:

The doctor uses a circular medical stapler and an endoscope, where he inserts the stapler and the endoscope from the anus, and then a circular part of the lining of the anal canal is removed, in addition to removing some centimeters that are above this area of the lining as well. The doctor finishes this process by stapling both ends of the wound, and thus the blood is cut off from the blood vessels that deliver blood to the hemorrhoids, so the congestion decreases and the prolapsed hemorrhoids begin to withdraw.

Advantages of stapling hemorrhoids:

  • The patient can return home on the same day as the operation, as it does not take more than half an hour.

  • Restore normal bowel movement in a short time and feel less pain.

  • The possibility of returning to normal life after a short period.

  • The lack of risks resulting from the operation because it does not make a surgical incision.

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