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Obesity surgeries

The field of obesity and overweight surgeries is considered one of the most important fields that exist today, due to the prevalence and spread of obesity in societies. And through studies, a large percentage of deaths are mainly caused by obesity, because of its devastating consequences and side effects. Among the most famous of these consequences of obesity is diabetes, which is a fatal disease that many patients also neglect, blood pressure problems, an increase in cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood, which may cause blockage and hardening of the arteries, arthritis due to increased Pressure on her and other difficulties in movement, lethargy and shortness of breath. Therefore, there was a need for a cure for this deadly disease. Here, obesity surgeries appeared, such as gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and modified sleeve gastrectomy, which saved many lives and significantly changed the lives of others, but it also had, in addition to its positive effects, in getting rid of obesity and excess weight, and Treatment of diseases associated with obesity had some negative effects, such as leakage after the operation, which is considered the main focus of post-operative problems. Here the optimal solution appeared, which is considered a scientific miracle and a breakthrough in the field of bariatric surgeries, which is the use of the so-called smart stapler in the sleeve gastrectomy process. In the following, 

we will explain in detail the composition of the smart stapler and what distinguishes it from the traditional devices used in the sleeve gastrectomy process. The smart stapler is the latest technology used in the field of bariatric surgery and the latest findings of bariatric surgery doctors so far, due to its unique ability to prevent leakage after the completion of the operation. This is due to the stapler containing a smart chip that enables it to collect certain information and use certain staples. Therefore, scientific progress and technology contributed to the treatment of many patients and made bariatric surgeries easier, safer, and even more accurate.

Components of the smart stapler:

1- The stapler body itself, which contains a computer system that works with high accuracy to determine the thickness of the equipment and the appropriate spare parts for it.

2- The spare parts used with the stapler, which differ in thickness and length.



How the smart stapler works in the sleeve gastrectomy process:

The smart stapler plays an important role in the success of the operation. In the past, the electronic stapler was used, which is still used by many doctors in sleeve gastrectomy operations. It is considered good, but it may cause leakage during or after the operation if spare parts are used. appropriate for the patient’s stomach, this step is the responsibility of the doctor, but with the use of the smart stapler, there is no such problem as the chip inside the stapler measures the thickness of the stomach and sends data and information to a screen located in the body of the stapler, which contains an advanced computer system and determines the thickness of the stomach , its total size, its shape after sleeve and the most appropriate spare parts. In the event that the spare part of the stapler is suitable for the thickness of the stomach, stapling will be done immediately, but if the spare part is not suitable, the stapling will not be final until after changing the spare part and making it suitable for the thickness of the stomach wall. Therefore, there will be no leakage at all with the use of the smart stapler.

Also, the stapling refills that are used in the smart stapler are among the latest and best in the world, which is the second generation of the smart triple stapler refills, known as the Tri Stapler, and they are special type staples that have different characteristics from the traditional staples, as they close The stomach is formed in a triangular shape through three different lengths, which ensures the tightness of the wound closure and the occurrence of stomach healing, which prevents bleeding during and after the completion of the operation, and it also maintains a normal blood supply to the stomach wall, which accelerates wound healing and prevents leakage.


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