Gastric bypass surgery

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Gastric bypass surgery

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If you suffer from overweight or from some diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and high blood cholesterol, gastric bypass surgery is suitable for you because it helps to reduce these diseases. Getting rid of excess weight and gaining a healthy fit body will help you lead a normal life.

In this surgery, the size of the stomach is reduced to the size of an egg. It is connected to the middle of the small intestine, where food bypasses part of the intestine, which means Smaller stomach size – faster feeling of fullness – absorbing less food and calories Bypass surgery leads to a loss of 70% of the total excess weight

For example: If you need to lose 100 pounds, surgery helps you lose 70% of them during the first twelve months after the operation.

The gastric bypass is done by making small incisions in the abdominal wall, and a part of the stomach is separated and connected to the intestine two meters away from the duodenum using an endoscope so that it does not cause any incisions or wounds so that you feel full immediately after eating your meal and you do not have to eat more food and it is considered a The safest surgical procedure.

  The surgery is divided into two types:

Conventional Diversion: Two connections are made, one from the stomach and intestines, and the intestines and intestines.

Mini shunt: only one shunt is made between the intestines and the stomach, and this process is technically easier.

Life after gastric bypass:

One study reported that patients who were obese and underwent gastric bypass surgery and lost a lot of weight had significantly improved lifestyles.

What are its results in reducing weight?

Weight is reduced as a result of separating a small part of the stomach to play the role of storing food, so the patient cannot eat large amounts of food, and absorption of food of all kinds is reduced.

  Advantages of gastric bypass surgery:

  It helps to recover in large proportions from many diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure or saturated fats in the body. It is considered one of the easiest and safest operations to use the endoscope, as it does not cause pain at all and does not cause an incision in the stomach wall. It also helps the patient to get rid of the feeling of hunger, and the importance of conducting tests before undergoing the operation must be commended. There are heart and diabetes patients who need different medical care due to the seriousness of some cases.

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