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standard gastric sleeve

Obesity surgeries

Every day, the number of obese people increases, due to several reasons, the most important of which is excessive eating and the spread of many wrong habits related to eating and eating times. Also, some diseases or genetic factors cause a person to become obese, and due to the aggravation of the problem of obesity and its widespread spread and the violent complications that come with it, there was a need to discover new methods and methods suitable for eliminating the problem of obesity instead of those solutions known to be limited. Its results are like following strict diets, in which the obese patient refrains from eating a lot of different types of food. This method depends on reducing the amounts of food and abstaining from the grainy foods that contain large quantities of sugars, but the results of this method are weak and unsatisfactory for the obese patient, as most obese patients suffer from the difficulty of eating small amounts of food, especially since the size of their stomach Holds large amounts of food. Here, new and advanced solutions are used to eliminate obesity, such as bariatric surgeries.

Various obesity surgeries:

Scientific and technological progress has helped in the emergence of a variety of strong solutions to solve the problem of obesity, as doctors have reached surgeries in which the size of the stomach is reduced or the body’s absorption of nutrients is reduced, which ensures eating small amounts of food. These operations are known as bariatric surgeries, and they are divided into two main types: sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass.

The emergence of bariatric surgeries was only the beginning, as sleeve gastrectomy operations varied greatly, and sleeve gastrectomy has more than one way to perform it, but all sleeve gastrectomy operations share the same result as it is considered the process that was able to eliminate obesity and its complications in a short period, while The following will mention some of the derivatives of the quantization process.

Types of remedial surgeries:

1- sleeve gastrectomy through 3 ports

2- Bikini sleeve gastrectomy.

3-Mini gastric sleeve .

4-Standard gastric sleeve .

Standard gastric sleeve.. what is it?

One of the latest sleeve gastrectomy operations, in which a specific system is followed in the gastrectomy process in order to get the best results from the operation. More than 80% of the size of the stomach is removed in the sleeve gastrectomy operation, then the wound is stapled and the removed part of the stomach is extracted outside the body. Resection of the stomach results in a small size of the stomach that will receive food, and thus the person’s ability to eat in large quantities is reduced, as the stomach will only accommodate a small amount of food. The parts of the stomach that secrete hunger hormone and the extensible part are also cut again. Usually, the results of sleeve gastrectomy are amazing and difficult to believe, as it helps the obese patient to get rid of his excess weight in short periods, for example, a person can lose more than 40 kilograms in less than six months. But sometimes the results can be unsatisfactory, because the doctor may mistakenly cut the stomach too much or too little, and in both cases some problems appear.

In the event that the doctor cuts the stomach more than necessary, meaning that he removes a larger part than he is supposed to, this will lead to stomach distress and the patient will suffer from difficulty in eating, colic and reflux of the esophagus, but if the doctor cuts the stomach less than it is supposed to It has to be eliminated, the result will be that the person will be able to eat more food than required which will hinder weight loss. Therefore, what is known as standard gastrectomy appeared, which leaves no room for error, in which a clear method is used to determine the part of the stomach that will be removed specifically, and based on that, the doctor cuts the stomach and staples the wound.

How is the standard sleeve gastrectomy performed?

The standard sleeve gastrectomy, which is distinguished by Dr. Ahmed Safina, is done by inserting a cylindrical tube of a certain size into the stomach, then the doctor cuts the stomach around the tube, and thus we have reached a fixed and accurate standard for the size of the new stomach, for this tube has a specific fixed size through which it is Gastric bypass surgery. This tube is fixed for all obese patients of all sizes or weights, even if the person exceeds his normal weight by only 20 kilograms, because the body’s response is the same.

What are the advantages that you will get after the standard sleeve surgery?

1- The standard sleeve gastrectomy is a process that guarantees the obese patient losing weight successfully without stress or deprivation of food, but what distinguishes the standard sleeve gastrectomy process is that it makes it easier for the doctor to follow up on patients and know if the patient is losing excess weight at a normal rate or not, as it is one of By stabilizing the size of the stomach for all patients, it became possible to know the normal rate of weight loss. Also, one of the most important points related to the standard sleeve gastrectomy is leaving about 4-6 cm from the exit of the stomach, then cutting the stomach from that distance, as this part contributes to pumping the digested food out of the stomach, and in the case of cutting this part, the ability of the stomach to empty the food decreases, which increases From pressure inside the stomach and may cause leakage or pain.

2- The standard sleeve gastrectomy process also guarantees the elimination of high blood pressure problems and improves the functional performance of the body. The process also improves breathing and movement.

3- The standard sleeve gastrectomy process helps to improve the psychological state and enhance self-confidence. The standard sleeve gastrectomy process also works to reduce cholesterol levels in the blood, and this is according to research and studies that have proven the effectiveness of the sleeve gastrectomy process in significantly reducing harmful cholesterol levels in the body.

4- Losing weight means reducing the load on the knee joints and back vertebrae, and thus getting rid of arthritis and difficulty in movement.

5- Gastrectomy operations are generally considered safe and easy to perform and recover from in a short time.

What are the cases in which standard sleeve gastrectomy is resorted to?

Some may think that standard sleeve gastrectomy is resorted to only in the case of severe obesity, but this is not true as sleeve gastrectomy is resorted to in many other cases such as:

1- In case of perforations in the stomach wall.

2- Bleeding.

3- In the event of stomach cancer or stomach ulcers.

Therefore, in the event that any symptoms appear, you must go to the doctor to examine and find out the cause of the problem and how to perform it.

Cut-off points after standard sleeve gastrectomy:

1- Following the doctor’s instructions is one of the most important factors for the success of the operation and weight loss.

2- Follow a healthy lifestyle, eat the right food, and stay away from sugars and soft drinks.

3- Take care to take nutritional supplements and vitamins.

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