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Single port gastric sleeve

Obesity surgeries

No one can deny the efforts made by doctors in the field of bariatric surgery worldwide. They are constantly looking to provide everything that is new and better for obese patients. Taking into account some important points that must be available in order to maintain the patient’s health. It is as follows:

– Providing complete comfort for obese patients after bariatric surgeries.

-Reducing the incidence of complications after bariatric surgeries.

– Developing medical machines continuously, in order to ensure the success of the operation.

-Reducing the wound area and the number of incisions used to perform the operation.

All this in order to perform the process with the utmost accuracy and safety. They first came up with gastric balloon operations. Then they developed and reached gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. These two operations were conducted through several surgical incisions. Some patients did not like the presence of several marks in the abdominal area after the operation. They kept thinking until they came up with a single port gastric sleeve .

How many openings are used in sleeve gastrectomy? And what are they?

As the sleeve gastrectomy operations were carried out using a regular laparoscope through five openings, which are as follows:

* The first and second openings are for the doctor who specializes in bariatric surgery.

* The third slot is for photography and follow-up. And that is through a camera dedicated to conducting such operations, which enters this hole.

* The fourth hole is used by the physician assistant to the surgeon performing the operation.

* The fifth and last opening, which is the one through which a specific instrument is inserted, so that the liver remains at a higher level than the stomach. This makes it easier for the surgeon to handle the stomach during the operation.

What is meant by sleeve gastrectomy with one port?

Dear reader, the single-hole sleeve gastrectomy is the insertion of all the instruments used during the operation through a single opening in the navel area. Therefore, the process does not have clear and visible effects after its completion.

How difficult is the Single port gastric sleeve?

actually. Such an operation is not an easy surgery. As it requires a skilled doctor with great skill and great accuracy, to perform such an operation, which is the sleeve gastrectomy with one hole.

Are all obese patients candidates for Single port gastric sleeve?

of course not. Not all obese patients are candidates for such an operation. There are certain cases where the single-hole sleeve gastrectomy is not suitable. Which:

* People who suffer from excessive obesity, and an increase in weight exceeding one hundred and fifty kilograms.

* People who suffer from obesity, and have had medical surgeries before.

* On very rare occasions, while you are undergoing a single-hole sleeve gastrectomy. The doctor may resort to a decision to convert the operation to a regular sleeve gastrectomy with five holes, when he discovers that the nature of your body does not allow sleeve gastrectomy with one hole. And all of this is agreed upon between you and the doctor who will perform the operation for you, before completing the operation.

Is the result of the single hole sleeve gastrectomy beneficial or harmful to the body?

The result of this process is excellent as it:

* Maintains the external shape of the abdominal area without scarring or leaving a surgical mark. This is due to the fact that the operation is performed from a single opening in the navel area. So it is an invisible wound in an invisible area. Thus, it maintains the shape of the body as beautiful as it is. This makes it a favorite among women.

* Maintains the integrity of the tissues surrounding the operation area without damage.

What are the advantages that make you undergo such an Surgery , Single port gastric sleeve?

There are several advantages that you get when you, dear obese patient, undergo such an operation, which are:

The sleeve gastrectomy with one hole is characterized as a painless process. This is because it is performed surgically from a single opening. The smaller the surgical incision area, the less pain resulting from the surgery.

Dear patient, you can leave the hospital on the same day as the operation.

– Also, dear obese patient, you can return to your normal life within a few days after the completion of the operation.

– Because the surgical area is not visible, no one will be able to know whether you had the operation or not.

Why do obese patients resort to Single port gastric sleeve?

As obesity has become very prevalent in the world. And the cries of her patients began to rise, asking for help. Obesity causes many health, psychological and other problems. We will mention some of them here:

*Obesity makes its patient vulnerable to:

High blood pressure: Obesity results in increased fat accumulated throughout the body. And these fats are like any cell that needs nutrition and oxygen supply in order to stay alive. The more fat, the higher the blood pressure. And that became a burden on the heart. And then cause stress to the heart muscle. It also increases fat in the blood. It may lead to atherosclerosis and other vascular diseases.

 – Type 2 diabetes: Being overweight increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Excess fat in the blood impedes and disrupts the role of insulin in providing glucose for use as an energy source.

Depression: weight gain, despair from multiple failed attempts, inability to move and exercise. All this leads to depression.

Arthritis: As a result of excessive weight and the heavy burden it causes on the joints, it leads to inflammation of the joint membrane. And that causes a lot of pain.

Reproduction: Excess weight and accumulated fat cause a decrease in the hormones responsible for fertility, which affects and disrupts the reproductive process.

Important precautions for you, dear obese patient:

* Before you choose and make the decision to perform such an operation, or any other bariatric surgery. You should choose a qualified doctor with high experience in such a field. He is recognized by people and has many success stories spread on social media.

* You choose the doctor who provides you with excellent follow-up before and after the operation.

* Your doctor is the one who chooses the appropriate type of operation for you according to the nature of your body, and according to the tests that you will undergo before the operation.

* If you smoke, you should stop smoking two weeks before the operation. As smoking hinders the rapid healing of wounds.

* You must follow a specific diet after the operation. This is to ensure the success of the process.

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